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30 Sep
It just wasn't as warm as we had thought! It just wasn't as warm as we had thought!

And we are off.... to FINLAND!

Sunday morning, it's misty in Madrid and London where, rather sleepily, jump on to our respective planes to all meet in Helsinki, later that afternoon - strengthened by aeroplane food, awakened by chatty flight companions! We have just finished our first Finish day (I made a pun!) driving all the way up to Oulu to drave aaaalllll the way back to Helsinki to tomorrow drive aaaallll the way back to Oulu to then drive aaalll the way back to Helsinki. Oh, bore off Patrick, that's not what we want to hear!

Pictures will follow shortly. The tour will be two weeks long, and, as neither of us (Patrick, David nor Tom) have packed enough warm clothes, scarves, hats and glovs we hope that we will all stay healthy! If you want to know more about Oulu, then check out the wiki here.

--haaachooo! -


We'll keep in touch!


Katrina Deas

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